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Franklin County GIS

Welcome to the GIS Portal of Franklin County, a member of the Franklin County Regional Information System (FRIS), which includes these agencies:

  • Franklin County Public Works,
  • Franklin Public Utility District,
  • South Columbia Basin Irrigation District.
All maps include tools to search an address or place name, show a legend of features, change background imagery ("Basemap Gallery"), show an Overview map, show measurements or latitude & longitude, and share or print a map screenshot.

Franklin County Base Map

A standard base map which includes terrain, parcels, roads, addresses, waterbodies, city boundaries, and townships and sections.

Franklin County Map

Franklin County Planning Map

A map that includes information related to planning and building, such as zoning and urban growth areas.

Planning Map

Franklin County Districts

A map that includes city and county boundaries, taxing districts, and voting precincts, along with parcels for location reference.

District Map

Franklin County Public Works

A map from the Public Works department showing road routes, infrastructure, and road delays or closures.

Public Works Map

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